The meaning of the color pink is unequivocal love and supporting.

This shading speaks to sympathy, supporting and love. It identifies with unlimited love and comprehension, and the giving and accepting of sustaining. A blend of red and white, pink contains the requirement for activity of red, helping it to make the potential for progress and knowledge offered by white. It is the enthusiasm and force of red relaxed with the virtue, openness and culmination of white. The more profound the pink, the more enthusiasm and vitality it shows.

Pink is feminine, romantic and sentimental, tender and cozy, mindful and minding. It tones down the physical enthusiasm of red supplanting it with a loving energy.

1. Pink Mini Vintage Car

Mini Pink Vintage Carflickr/foshie

2. Pink House with Victorian Doorway

Pink House with Victorian Doorwayflickr/liz west

3. Amsterdam in Pink

Amsterdam in Pinkdeviantart/INVIV0

4. Pink Sky in Paris

Pink Sky in ParisBy jit bag [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Pink Flowering Trees

Pink Flowering Trees

6. Pink Building in Poland

Pink Building in Poland

7. Pink Bird

Pink Bird

8. Pink Building in Barbados

Pink Building in Barbadosflickr/Bill Hunt

9. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

10. Pink Phone Booths

Pink Phone Booths


11. Pink VW Volkswagen Bug Beetle

Pink VW Volkswagen Bug Beetleflickr/Mike Mozart

12. Pink Sky

Pink Skyflickr/Kodyak Tisch

13. Princess Parking Only

Princess Parking Only


14. Pink Balls in Montreal

Pink Balls in MontrealBy Eric Sehr (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

15. Pink Bowling Balls

Pink Bowling Balls

16. Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Strawberry Chocolate Chip CookiesPhoto credit and recipe:

17. Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchenphoto credit:

18. Hello Kitty’s House

Hello Kitty's House

19. Pink Honda Motorcycle

Pink Honda Motorcycle

20. Pink Routemaster in Vancouver

Pink Routemaster in Vancouverflickr/Andrew Bowden

21. Pink Umbrellas in Sofia

Pink Umbrellas in SofiaPanoramio/Laura

22. Pink Vespa

Pink VespaPhoto credit:

23. Pink Tractor

Pink TractorPhoto credit:

24. Hiller Lake, Australia

Hiller Lake, AustraliaPhoto credit:

25. Pink Dressing Room

Pink Dressing RoomPhoto credit:

26. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

27. Pink Vintage Car

Pink Vintage Carflickr/JOHN LLOYD

28. Pink Limo

Pink Limo

29. Pink Stairs

Pink Stairs

30. Pink Flowers in Santorini

Pink Flowers in SantoriniPhoto credit: