The tradition of tree decorations at Christmas is quite ancient. This tradition can be seen in ancient Egypt, China and Jews during Pagan period.

According to the ritual, a green leafless tree is decorated with lights and bright ornaments. For decoration, usually fir or pine tree is chosen.

The Christmas tree is usually embellished with symbols belonging to Christianity, but in the modern times it is stripped of the ritual religious meaning of tree decorations which are symbols of Christmas celebration.

According to the ritual, gifts placed around or under the tree open at Noel Avenue.

1- Golden Tree

Golden Tree


2- Asian-Style Christmas Tree

Asian-Style Christmas Treevia

3- Tall Artificial Slim Christmas Tree

Tall Artificial Slim Christmas Treevia

4- Greeny Christmas Tree

Greeny Christmas Treevia

5- The Woodland Christmas Tree

The Woodland Christmas Treevia

6- Balsam Hill Fir Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Fir Christmas Treevia amazon

7- Traditional Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas Treevia amazon

8- Balsam Hill Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Treevia amazon

9- Aspen Silver Fir Christmas Tree

Aspen Silver Fir Christmas Treevia

10- The Light Show Christmas Tree

The Light Show Christmas Treevia amazon

11- Santa Claus Party Christmas Tree

Santa Claus Party Christmas Treevia

12- Camp-Style Christmas Tree

Camp-Style Christmas Treevia

13- Royal Christmas Tree

Royal Christmas Treevia

14- Red Frames Christmas Tree

Red Frames Christmas Treevia

15- Let it Snow Christmas Tree

Let it Snow Christmas Treevia

16- Glitter Christmas Tree

Glitter Christmas Treevia

17- Neutral Christmas Tree

Neutral Christmas Treevia

18- Woodland Christmas Tree

Woodland Christmas Treevia

19- DIY Floral Tree

DIY Floral Treevia

20- 12 Days of Christmas Advent Tree

12 Days of Christmas Advent Treevia

21- Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas Treevia

22- Country Farmhouse Tree

Country Farmhouse Treevia

23- Merry and White Christmas Tree

Merry and White Christmas Treevia

24- Rustic Snowy Christmas Tree

Rustic Snowy Christmas Treevia

25- Birds & Berries Christmas Tree

Birds & Berries Christmas Treevia

26- The Preppy Christmas Tree

The Preppy Christmas Treevia

27- The Flocked Christmas Tree

The Flocked Christmas Treevia

28- Buffalo Check Christmas Tree

Buffalo Check Christmas Treevia

29- Winter Woodland Christmas Tree

Winter Woodland Christmas Treevia

30- Country Christmas Tree

Country Christmas Treevia

31- Black and White Ribbon Christmas Tree

Black and White Ribbon Christmas Treevia

32- Red Royalty Christmas Tree

Red Royalty Christmas Treevia

33- Rustic Reindeer Christmas Tree

Rustic Reindeer Christmas Treevia

34- Scandinavian Style Christmas Tree

Scandinavian Style Christmas Treevia

35- Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree

Old-Fashioned Christmas Treevia

36- Merry and Bright Christmas Tree

Merry and Bright Christmas Treevia

37- Succulents and Spruce Christmas Tree

Succulents and Spruce Christmas Treevia

38- Elegant Christmas Tree

Elegant Christmas Treevia

39- Cozy Corner Christmas Tree

Cozy Corner Christmas Treevia

40- Moon & Stars Christmas Tree

Moon & Stars Christmas Treevia