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    100+ Best Tattoo Designs

    A tattoo could mean a lot for person. A well designed tattoo looks very aesthetic on the person if it is well positioned. For the new generation, tattoos are very important to express themselves and their style. Eva Karabudak is the most famous tattoo artist in Turkey. She is located in New York and works […] More

  • 70 Tattoos That Will Make You Say 'Here's What I Want'

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    70 Tattoos That Will Make You Say ‘Here’s What I Want’

    A small tattoo could mean a lot. Meaningful tattoos are always loved by everyone. Tattooing has become widespread in modern society, and even during the first fifty or sixty years after it became mainstream, there have been few tattooed women in fact, the exception is the one and often has an eccentric or rebellious touch. […] More