Karakoy, Istanbul

Karaköy, which was a very important transportation and trade center in the past, is among the most preferred districts for people to enjoy. Because this neighborhood, which smells of history, with its buildings that defy history, cute streets, various food and beverage varieties; manages to touch the hearts of many people with entertainment venues! Here is Umbrella Street, one of Karaköy’s streets full of art, coffee and various flavors. Hoca Tahsin Caddesi, known by many as Şemsiyeli Sokak and photographed under colorful umbrellas! Hoca Tahsin Street, which is the beauty of Karaköy, enables us to have a nice day with various places to eat, chat and maybe read, just like other Karaköy streets where we can see the real face of Istanbul. your book! Well… let’s say you came here for a weekend with these good thoughts; What will you eat here, where will you live and how will you spend your time?

As you know, especially in recent years, many venues have opened in Karaköy that appeal to every taste and demand. The most striking of these places are third generation coffee houses and of course entertainment venues. If you are going to spend time in Hoca Tahsin Street during the day on weekends, do not forget to take photos under colorful umbrellas. You can also taste the delicious cookies of Han Karaköy on the street; Have a pleasant breakfast or have fun at night in Marjo; You can have a great coffee at Press Karaköy. The beauty of these places is that you have the opportunity to organize pleasant meetings with your friends and spend time with your book and coffee when you want to be alone! Of course, you should prefer early hours of the day or weekdays for silence …


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